Too Bad...OTBL Bloggers Won't Be Moving To Rice Lake Soon

City costs remain high, says tax group study

Rice Lake city residents have lower than average incomes but pay higher than average costs for city services, according to a report recently issued by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

The report also indicated that Rice Lake continued to have especially high costs for street maintenance and police and fire protection and that municipal spending per capita was well above the median for communities of comparable size.

The study, released last week, summarizes municipal spending for 2000 through 2004 for 228 Wisconsin cities and villages with populations between 2,000 and 150,000. In the report, costs for general government, police, fire-ambulance and street maintenance were examined and compared to similar-size municipalities. Rice Lake, with a population listed at 8,490, was grouped into a category with 22 other municipalities with populations of 7,500-10,000.

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Mayflower Mover said...

When you said move to, I was thinking North, like maybe Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.