If A 6 Turned Out To Be 9...

OTBL'er Jack Bauer would make it 69,
If it would make New Richmond look bad.

Jack, Jack, Jack........ Once again you forgot to tell the whole truth!
Don't worry there masked assassin, I am here to help you get the rest of the story out! See those comments below!

Here's a post by Jack Bauer that is currently running at the ontheborderline.net blog under the title:

Candidates Apply for Middle School Principal’s Position
The New Richmond Shopper is reporting, “42 candidates applied for the job” of Middle School Principal. The position is vacant because the previous principal, Mike Ballard quit and left town in June.
On May 15, High School Principal Jeff Moberg also quit, but then withdrew his resignation the next day. He then had his staff hold a rally at the high school 6 days later begging him to stay. Even more amazing, he had 3 gullible Board members ask for a community wide Open Forum in early June, just before the teachers could take their 3-month summer vacation, so the Administrators could voice their concerns of the District to the Board and the community.
No administrators spoke that night.

So much then for all the ranting, finger pointing, screaming, shouting, yelling, crying and sobbing by teachers at the Open Forum about how we’ll lose “good” Administrators and that the District is “eating its young”.
Looks like the large number of Middle School Principal applicants indicates New Richmond is a place to come to – not to quit and run away from.

Link to this Jack Bauer (Crane Lady is it you?) post: http://www.ontheborderline.net/?p=3722
Now according to Jack, 42 seems like a large number. However, according to a source with in the district only seventeen of those applicants have the necessary degree to be truly considered. And even at 42 applicants, that seems awfully low, considering the River Falls newspaper reported that there were 57 external applicants as well as 2 internal applicants for the job that Mike Ballard accepted. And when you throw in the fact the New Richmond job pays approximately 40% more annual income, I want to ask why are there only 42 applicants. Similarly, I find it interesting that there were 13 applicants for the job Morrie Viellieux accepted in New Richmond, yet there were 85 applicants to replace him in the School District he left.

Now Jack, wasn't it Judy Brennington taking credit at the June 5th open forum for calling the special meeting that night to show transparency between the School Board and the voters of the district? Come on you were there, don't you remember little buddy? Jack, if Mike Ballard is such a bad administrator, why is it that numerous high ranking River Falls board members and district administrators personally make him their top candidate and actively recruit him? All you and your comrades want to talk about is Mike Ballard's low test scores of 8th graders. Please look all the way back to the testing that this group of 8th graders took as 2nd graders and then report back to us. I think you will find that in the last two years they have went from the worst in the state to something better. Not great but better. And improvement is what we want isn't it? Now Crane Lady, I mean Jack, I know you are going to read this and spin it your way, and attack someone with some vicious reply that only is intended to hurt. I expect something more uplifting from a crane lady.

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