Republican Hits Debate Opponent With Chair

TAMPA, Fla. -- His critics may say he had it coming. His supporters consider it assault. But Hillsborough County Commissioner candidate Joe Redner is taking it with a grain of salt.

Redner and Republican radio host Tony Katz were taping a debate on the local cable access show "The Bleepin Truth" Saturday night when their political war of words got personal. Katz left his seat and seconds later hurled a chair at Redner.

"I'm fine. I have a little swelling on my arm," Redner said. "A little bit of soreness on the side of my head, but I will be fine."

Chris Krimitsos of “The Bleepin Truth” said: "It did get heated. It did get scary at the end." It was the third match-up of the two political polar opposites and Krimitsos says there were fireworks from day one.

"Honestly, I didn't think it would get physical," Krimitsos said. "But if you were on the set with the two of them, you could cut the tension with a knife."

As the owner of the adult club Mons Venus and an outspoken liberal, Redner is no stranger to controversy. While he is used to taking verbal jabs, he says never saw the chair coming.

"This heavy stool hit me in the side of the head and in my forearm," Redner said.

He says he doesn't intend to press charges or file any lawsuits against Katz. But he doesn't have a desire to debate him again, either.

See the video.


jerry springer said...

As a Liberal, I'm really impressed with the moral character of the people who go out in public as our spokemen...NOT!!
Why are the voices of liberals alway represented by strip club owners?

Wilber Mills said...

I don't think it's called a "strip club." I believe it is a "house of interpretive dance."

Josh said...

Jerry... The conservative hit the strip club owner with the chair.... that puts him in the ranks with the patrons.... lol