Nascar Promotes "Family Values"

A dad takes his kid to the doctor for a check-up. After the exam, the doctor
tells dad that little Johnny is in fine health and then asks "Do you have any other questions?" Johnny tugs on dad's shirt sleeve and says, "Dad,
don't forget we're suppose to ask our doctor about Viagra."

You might ask yourself, where did Johnny learn about Viagra. Do you think
it was over at the "Socialist" Field of Dreams where they play soccer?, or
Maybe watching Nascar with dad on a saturday afternoon?

I remember when kids used to build model cars with their dads. It was great
fun. It probably still is, only now dad has to explain erectile disfunction to little Johnny before the paint dries.

I'm sure glad the Free Market is promoting family values!

So let's blame all of society's ills on the soccer promoting "Socialists".
Great Idea.
OTBLers, you are absolutely right! Let's nip this soccer thing in the bud.

Or maybe we could take a different perspictive. See Full Article:

''In the old days, when it was just three [networks], there were some people wrapped up in the industry who really understood what communications are all about, why they had licenses,'' said Charren, who's now a visiting professor at Harvard University. ''Those people were very proud to be broadcasters.''

Today, broadcasting is a bottom-line business. The sense of pride Charren found at ABC, NBC and CBS in the early days has been replaced by a plethora of programmers who see our kids as just another target market, she said.

This is one of those areas of parenting where it would be nice to get a little help from the village. When my kids were little, the only television they saw arrived safely in our home via the Public Broadcasting System's Kideo lineup. Little commercialism (it was brought to us by Juicy Juice, you know) and comfortable content left me feeling OK about turning on the TV if I needed a half-hour to prepare dinner or return a phone call.

Soon, I realized that I had to do more than control their television viewing. I had to control mine as well. That meant giving up the evening news (it was the night my daughter asked why the overweight man, stripped to his underwear and strapped to a gurney, was being loaded into an ambulance that I turned off the 5 p.m. news for good) and it meant giving up the Chicago Bears games (because so many of the commercials on Fox advertise some other horrible show on that network, I found my kids were having nightmares just based on the scary commercials).

Now it appears that I will have to give up the Super Bowl as well. That game, which long has been a series of commercials broken up by a little football, will feature a titanic battle between the makers of Viagra, Levitra and the newest product, Cialis, fighting for the minds and, uh, other parts, of men. Call me a coward, but I would rather forgo the game than try to explain erectile dysfunction to an 8-year-old."

And don't forget to promote "Christian businesses" , Here's a great place to start.
Get your supply of Levitra. Remember, Jesus was a "free marketeer" (except when
he drove the money changers out of the temple."

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