The Jackass Party

by Philip A Farruggio

I mean, really, how much can any intelligent, well read person take? Sometimes, watching the Congress on C-span, I want to just take my shoe off and throw it at the set! The Republicans, well, they have lost all credibility as a so called party. Like lemmings, they march out and drop off the cliff of reason. On nearly every major issue, these jokers, dressed seemingly more elegantly than their colleagues on the other side of the aisle, amaze me with their lack of perspective. Meanwhile, as in the old Michael Jordan Nike commercial, the Jackass party wants to " Be like....".

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Cato said...

Lemmings actually donot go off cliffs. A disney movie forced them off a cliff and the idea that lemmings jump off cliffs im masse became popularized. It was a folk-legend type thing before that though, because lemming populations rapidy burst and fade.