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OTBL Bloggers don’t qualify as thugs

To the Editor:

In a recent editorial you referred to the ontheborderline bloggers as “thugs.” I have to question whether this description is accurate.

A thug is an unwelcome bully who shows up in person - to intrude, meddle, harass and intimidate.

However, anonymously written words that appear on your computer screen do not seem to have the necessary “in person” touch to make the writer a true thug. On a blog, the unwelcome bully can be ignored with the click of your mouse – and should be.

Perhaps better descriptors of the ontheborderline bloggers would be “windbags,” “bloviators,” “haters,” “anonymous cowards,” “sore losers,” and “revenge seekers.”

So, when they are blogging, can we agree to describe them as cowardly anonymous bloviating hater windbag sore loser revenge seekers, and be done with it?

When they show up somewhere in person and try to bully good folks around, we can switch the description back to thugs.

That’s my suggestion.

Bob Muchlinski

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