Pro-voucher Think Tank Finds Against Vouchers

Choice may not improve schools
Report on MPS comes from longtime supporter of plan

A study released this week suggests that school choice isn't a powerful tool for driving educational improvement in Milwaukee Public Schools. Evidently the anti-public education lapdogs over at ontheborderline.nut missed the release of this study. Maybe they have been too busy trying to prove the child prostitution is the same a a child getting a hand stamped at school.

But more surprising than the conclusion is the organization issuing the study: the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank that has supported school choice for almost two decades, when Milwaukee became the nation's premier center for trying the idea. The institute is funded in large part by the Milwaukee-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, an advocate of school choice.

"The report you are reading did not yield the results we had hoped to find. We had expected to find a wellspring of hope that increased parental involvement in the Milwaukee Public Schools would be the key ingredient in improving student performance...there are realistic limits on the degree to which parental involvement can drive market-based reform in Milwaukee."

George Lightbourn
Senior Fellow
Wisconsin Policy Research Institute

Read more @ Milwuakee Journal Sentinel.

Read the WPRI Report Fixing the Milwaukee Public Schools:
The Limits of Parent-Driven Reform

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