Dr. Bill Speaks To The Universe...

Through the wonders of the Internet and satellite radio, we have been able to capture the voice and wisdumb of local blogging genius Dr. Bill.

Click to hear Dr. Bill talking with right wing-nut, shock jock Mike Church.

Now that you've listened to Dr. Bill, you will know that he has exposed the soft, white underbelly of the entire Republican strategy. To put it simply, Dr. Bill says the Republicans believe that cutting tax rates will increase the revenues flowing into the government coffers.

Dr. Bill has Mike Church stunned -- because Church actually has to think instead of belching phrases like "scumbag liberal bloodsuckers make me wanna puke."

Dr. Bill just raises the question, but doesn't provide the answer to his observation. Maybe you have to buy his book to get the answer.

What are the options that Dr. Bill doesn't tell us? Let's see...

1. The government to totally eliminated taxes. However, if the cuts already made has caused the revenues to come trickling in, eliminating taxes completely will cause the "perfect storm" that would result in the flooding of the government with so much revenues that it would totally drowned itself.

If this happens, it would ruin Grover Norquist's plans to shrink government to a size where it can be drowned in a bathtub. Instead the government would drowned in a flood of revenue of Biblical proportions on a scale that only Noah would appreciate.

2. The government could eliminate all loopholes and tax everything at 100 percent. This would eliminate all incentive for private industry to do anything and would make the government a self-perpetuating revenue generating machine that would provide an ever increasing flood of revenue that would get bigger and bigger as the government paid its employees larger and larger salaries, benefits and retirement options. The government would become so involved in trying to handled the flood of incoming cash and dispensing it to the citizens on the dole that they would no longer realize what a good time we are having. Eventually, the only people working would be the government workers and the rest of use would be basking in the autumn warmth of Alabama as we watch SEC games and ate governments peanuts purchase on the Internet. After the game, we would all gather round the victory fire and kid each other about how wrong Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises were about big government.

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