Penny Wise - Dollar Foolish

Looks like it was in the best self interest of Minnesotans to save that dime on a gallon of gas so you could go to your football game.
Good call Mark P.

"I currently reside in the border town of Hudson, Wisconsin where my house is no more than a mile and a half from the stores located inside Minnesota. The Wisconsin tax on gasoline is one of the highest in the country. Filling several cars a week in Minnesota, our family saves around $600 a year on gasoline purchases; six hundred dollars that can be used to visit our son in college and watch S.E.C. football. Multiplying our family by the tens of thousands who live along the border, the state of Wisconsin loses millions of dollars in state gas tax receipts. At least for now the state of Wisconsin, one of the most tax oppressive states in the Union, is not keeping surveillance on the amount of contraband gasoline I am putting in my gas tank."

Wow! you buy 3000 gal.s of gas in MN?


Kalvyn Clean said...

I buy virtually all of my gas in MN. Who would be foolish enough to intentionally pay a higher price for their gas?

CANRAC said...

What amazes me is that this arogant, smug, self proclaimed genius actually thinks a million people read his long and very boring, repetetive posts. I'd imagine he generated some new jokes about Wisconsin people in Tennessee too. Then again his Bore Club pal Dr. D is resurfacing so the "Lets Impress Each Other' contest is revived. I'm hopeful MP found a school where his kid isn't above everything, and thank goodness SEC football advertisers might get a viewer because gas is cheaper in Minnesota then Wisconin. The shit this guy comes up with is incredible, here I thought he moved to a better place.

Any truth that Dr. D was driven out of Illinois due to a good corn crop and the farmers making a buck at the ethanol plants??

Bridge Inspecting Cheerleader said...


Good for you. See you at the football game!

Brett Favre said...

I wonder how many football games Kalvyn and Dr. Bubonic could have attended if gas was the same price now as when Dubbya took office. Hell, they probably could have bought the Vikings.

Dr. Marx Bubonic said...

Remeber that "Gore gas" the Republicans were attacking Gore on in 2000. I think it was around $1.19 per gallon.

You can save a lot of money, if you chose attend Viking home games instead of Packer home games. I think the scelpers are getting $5 for a Viking ticket. It's probably around $200 in Green Bay.

Being that the price difference between Minnesota and Wisconsin gas averages 15 cents per gallon, someone saving $600 per year would be burning 4000 gallons of gas. If a family has two cars that each average 20,000 miles of usage per year -- for a total of 40,000 miles -- that would mean that person is averaging 10 MPG. I don't think I'm going to let that stock broker touch my money.

The way the Vikings and Gophers are playing, a person could bring a large Catholic family to all the Vikings and Gopher home games and have plenty left over to buy cable and watch all the SEC games.

Empty Wallet said...

Dr. Marx,

You have that penny pinching thing down to a science. No wonder they call you Doctor.

Anonymous said...

i am also a resident of hudson. i work in st. paul, and i NEVER EVER buy a tank of gas in wisconsin.

and i mean EVER. i buy my gas at the holiday superstore in downtown st. paul. wanna know why?

15 cents per gallon average with no out of the way travel for me. i would be an idiot to do anything else.

works both ways too. i know people who have jobs in Wisconsin right now because of the 75 cent per pack health maintenance fee Tim Pawlenty put on the poor so he could get away without calling it a "tax". at least 1 station i know in Wisconsin had to hire 2 new workers to pick up Minnesota smokers crossing the border to save 9 bucks a carton.

666 said...

My motto is "buy your beer in Wisconsin and your gas in Minnesota."