More Quality Private Education, Sex That Is

N. Onimous never stops to amaze with the depth of stupidity he will slither to in his posts. For instance, he currently has a post titled "More Quality Education, Sex That Is." The post links to a story out of Omaha about a female teacher who has apparently abducted a 13-year old boy and was last seen crossing into Mexico.

Read the story: Police: Boy, Teacher Entered Mexico Tuesday.

Occasionally N. Onimous posts these stories as if they evidently prove something about public education. In away, I supposed these stories do prove something. They prove that there are people employed in public education who commit criminal acts that involved children in their care. Is this something that only happens in public schools? Hardly.

Read on about the sex life of private schools...

1. Fired Sacred Heart Teacher Accused of Sex with Student.
The trouble is only beginning for a teacher fired this week for alleged sexual misconduct with a student at Sacred Heart Academy.

2. Shutting The Door On Child Sex Abusers
People like a former private school teacher in Bethesda who was convicted of abusing a 12 year old student.

3. School rules out sex offenders
Worthington Christian Schools will no longer hire sex offenders, and officials at the private school say they will dig into employees' backgrounds to look for any skeletons in their closets.

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CANRAC said...

BM.ominous has a different purpose. You need to look at it in that when he posts a negative about a public schools event that has absolutely nothing with Hudson, he is using it as an example of how fine our Hudson system really is because none of this crap goes on. BM.ominous has become one of Hudsons biggest boosters by showing what goes on elsewhere, while he was in good hands here.

Then again there may be some frustration over his failed attempts to pick up a teacher when he was younger.