There Is A Big Difference!

Ruthless at ontheborderline.nut asks the following question:

"There were several cases of adults prostituting children reported recently. In Minneapolis a woman offered up her five-year old for oral sex and in Bloomington kindergarten teachers stamped VOTE YES on the five-year olds attending their classes. Is there any difference between these two cases? Not much."

Of course, Ruthless didn't make up this question. He was listening to the Jason Lewis Show on KTLK Talk Radio this afternoon. So here we have Ruthless dashing to his computer to parrot the words of Jason Lewis equating child prostitution to school referendums. I guess Ruthless lets Lewis do all his thinking for him and, my experience is that most listeners of right-wing talk radio let the radio hosts do the thinking for them.


10-4 Good Buddy said...

I think "Ruthless" should change his handle to "Clueless."

CANRAC said...

This is not really surprising, if you look at the content of OTBL you can usually find the thought was made someplace in the past.

look out for parrot droppings said...

Why do you think they call them "dittoheads"? sheesh

Rush Flusher said...

I just call the Shitheads!