WARNING: Sexual Explicit Material

Hey, it's not exactly full frontal nudity, but evidently there are enough sex starved viewers of C-SPAN to get a rise out of Hillary's cleavage. I heard about this on a show on Wisconsin Public Radio this morning. I listened to approximately two minutes of the show and decided to switch to Lynyrd Skynyrd on my CD player.

Since Hillary will turn 60 on October 26 this year, she should be happy that she still attracts attention with a little harmless cleavage. I hope these people skip over the ladies underwear section of the Herberger's flyer.

Here's a Google of the ogling over Hillary's cleavage. Let's face it, Republican's have cleavage too. As in the case of Hillary above, there ain't much to get excited about...unless your name is Mark Foley.

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Bill Clinton said...


Of course, your point is well taken. However, you seem to be unable to show good examples of Communist cleavage. Man does not live by ideology alone. A couple of giant hooters with plunging cleavage to gaze down helps a guy make it through the day.