The Streets Are Safer Now!

Dateline: Hudson, Jan.2008.

Criminals beware! Law enforcement officials and the criminal justice system in Hudson, WI. have demonstrated that they’re not pussy footing around with lawbreakers. Fourteen members of the feared HHS gang were convicted of first -degree felony spray painting and second- degree herbicidal murder for their involvement in what the gang considered a high school prank.
Commenters on the popular Hudson Star Observer website expressed elation after hearing that the courts handed down the convictions for these violent offenders.
The HHS members were given the maximum sentence permitted by law and won’t be eligible for parole until the cows come home.
Members of local motorcycle gangs stood outside the courtroom and cheered as well.
A spokesperson for their group stated. “It’s good to see the Hudson police get serious about serious crime and not wasting time prosecuting minor offenses like heroin possession and aggravated assault.”


Fruit of the Loom said...


Very interesting information. Do you think this led the grape eating lady to do battle with the police woman? Or did the corruption lead to a life hungry for grapes?

Kermit the Frog said...

I was very involved with the very early punk scene. I remember meeting Johnny Rotten when he was known as Jack Overripe.

Charles Barkley said...

When you get arrested it's in big letters. When you get acquitted it's in small letters.