Here Come The "Swift Boat" Cats

How do you spell "hoax?"

Max News -- Spins its version of Hillary and the Black Panthers and the fish at OnTheBorderline blog suck it up...

"I can't take it anymore. If one more person sends me that e-mail about Hillary and the Black Panthers, I'll have to be dragged away screaming in a straitjacket.

You know the e-mail I'm talking about. It accuses Hillary of helping the Black Panthers get away with torture and murder during the early 1970s. With the 2004 presidential race drawing near, the spam mills are creaking to life, flooding the Internet once more with this agitprop classic.

Unfortunately, the e-mail mingles good information with bad, sowing more confusion than enlightenment. Some versions, for instance, carry the byline of radio talk jock Paul Harvey, who says he did not write it. Such misrepresentations help Hillary defenders dismiss the e-mail as a hoax. "

Richard Poe

Read more...from the right-wing spin machine, as they dig up bullshit and turn it into the kind of baloney that ignorant thugs can drool to their toothless friends on the annual Deliverance canoe trip.

Is it true?
Not so says Urban Legends. At the time of the trial Hillary Rodham was not a lawyer. She was a law student. The Urban Legend link has lots of good information on this story.

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