Like I Didn't See That Coming


CANRAC said...

Political beliefs aside I respect Ziller because

1) He uses his real name
2) He stands up to the OTBL morons on occasion
3) he doesn't resort to name-calling or cheapshots, he says what he thinks
4) He has taken the time to serve in public office
5) He says whats on his mind
6) He pisses Luke off

Didn't say I agree with him, but I actually find his comments amusing and I've even learned from them. I'll be this phone was ringing off the hook last night (late)

You gotta be kidding said...


I disrespect Ziller because he says one thing then flips around faster than a flapjack.

He promised the superintendent that he would support the New Richmond referendum. Then a gaggle of Hudson anti-school bloggers call him a RINO and chide him about supporting the referendum.

So what does he do? Does he stick to his promise? Oh, hell no. He quickly backpeddles himself to the point where he's already saying he will be going back on his promise. All of this because he doesn't want to lose the comraderie of a few nutcase Hudson bloggers.


Has he been like this his whole life, or is this just a recent phenomenon in his doddering old age? Is his mind going soft from inhaling too much Metamucil?

If this is what he's always been like, then I suspect all of his life-long involvement in civic issues has been a waste of time. Flip-floppers need not apply.

Lean On Ziller RINO said...

Well, looks like the borderwhiners are really putting the pressure on old Bob Ziller now. How will he react to this? Boy, I wonder.

N. Onimous says: "To be honest Bob, it’s time that you started to understand how this game really works. We all know that you have a son that works in New Richmond as a teacher, but his union and all of your highly paid administrator friends are the ENEMIES OF FREEDOM. Once you figure that out it will be easier for you to VOTE NO. There is no growth in New Richmond and a $93 Million referendum will be a death sentence to your community. Do you really want to be responsible for that?"

Poor Ziller. Now he's personally responsible for bankrupting his community!! And, he has a conspiriological reason to do so - to help his son!

Can Ziller really align himself with the EOF ("Enemies Of Freedom")?

Stay tuned Zillerflopper watchers!

CANRAC said...


Don't know the man personally, read what you said.

Anyways, he doesn't always go along with the OTBL bunch and stirs up some shit, doesn't always ramble on about government schools, gun rights, and isn't a card carrying member of the "ENEMIES OF FREEDOM" (boy, that was a good one) The EOF!

A-hole watcher said...


I don't know this guy personally, but I tend to agree with you. He's not totally brainwashed like the other OTBL A-holes (there's no better word for them.) Why Mr. Z chooses to associate with them is beyond me. I think deep down he wants what's best for the NR kids but doesn't want to break homeowners in the process. Now is that so unreasonable?
Mr. Z just needs a new set of friends that aren't A-holes.