For School Kids Self-Mutilation Ain't About Vanity

ROCHESTER, MN -- They are teenagers and even middle-schoolers. Children who cannot handle the pressure life throws at them. Over the last decade kids, starting at the middle school level are increasingly coping with their problems in very self-destructive ways. And if you think it's not a big deal, then think again.

In researching this story I was shocked to hear the number of girls right here in our schools who do this. Melissa says, "I was thinking that I couldn't be as good as everyone else.And so I thought I had to punish myself when i wasn't as good."

Melissa Kerlin's problems weren't really any different from almost every girl in middle and high school. But her way of coping with the stress and the depression that followed during her sophomore year is becoming a rapidly popular way of dealing with emotional pain.


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