Poverty: Do they ever mention this during the sermon?

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Recent World Bank statistics indicate that more than 1.5 billion people the world over live in abject poverty on less than $1 a day – and the number has been on the increase over the last decade, progress in the developing world as a whole had been impressive. In one of its recent reports the World Bank said that there had been a significant long-term improvements in reducing the mortality rate of children under five, and life expectancy – an important indicator of health and well-being has risen to an average of 62 years.
The majority of the poor are concentrated in two regions – South Asia, with 500 million to 600 million poor people, and Sub-Saharan Africa, with 200 million to 250 million poor. They earn less than $360 a year and some even less than $300 a year!
One of the major causes of poverty is that which is transmitted from parents. Poor parents are likely going to produce poor children though occasionally, few can emerge as rich and wealthy children. Another factor that causes poverty of the parents and children is the family size. When a couple who are already poor produce about ten or twelve children, it is certain that the parents will be saddled with the responsibility of giving them food, caring for their health need and taking care of their housing. When all these primary needs are taken care of, it will be difficult to give all the children the required level of education with the limited resources at their disposal. Unless some of the children are taken over by friends and relations, some of the children will find it difficult to exceed the primary school level. A person with primary education will need to be taught a trade if he/she is to fit well in the society and have children who are to be properly cared for.

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