Republican "Big Tent "Turns into "Little Wigwam"!

With polls showing the current Republican occupant of the White House
soaring in popularity around the high 20% range, the St. Croix Republican
Party has adopted an ingenious strategy to sway more voters to their point
of view by insulting and exluding their former supporters.
What makes this strategy even more unique is that OTBL is new public relations campaign. Responding to an obvious lack of interest in their Lincoln Log Day Dinner (a conceal and carry friendly event), rather than encouraging attendanceby all, OTBL specifically warns Republicans in the center of the spectrum they are not welcome.
Way to go OTBL and St. Croix Republicans. As a Democrat I can't
wait to see how this new strategy will help you in the next election.
Keep up to good work!
Nothing say "permanent minority" like this type of campaign. I love it!


P.T. Barnum said...

Great idea having Mr. Peanut warm up the crowd for Jason.

kurt d weasel said...

Loyality oaths will be taken at the door!

NRA (no rinos allowed) said...

Don't forget your guns.

Dumbo Fan said...

I've read the line about the Republican's having a "big tent," on the local UI blog. Don't they mean hot tub, considering they are obviously all wet.

I think an encampment of numerous, bland pup tents is more like it. It looks like some of the pup tenters are packing up and moving on. Of course, they have over a year to kiss and make up. I've the OTBL'ers using local Republican traditionialist for pisiing posts won't be joining the Democrats before the 2008 election. Does the John Birch Society have a party?

Party Clown said...


Have you heard from any of you elephant friends about last night's 3 ring circus?