Radical, Furitcake Bloggers Force Local GOP TO Join Democrats

Expect a phone call late at night...

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I have learned through N. Onimous sources that the St. Croix County Republicans and Democrats have decided to merge! After looking at the local candidates from both parties it was decided that none can slither on their belly like an ontheborderline.net endorsed candidate. Both parties have decide to call the new party the Rinocrats.

Bob “PT Barnum” Ziller and the ultra-liberal, conservative communist with a bent for Buddhist meditation and hillbilly music, from New Richmond have been negotiating the exact wording in meetings open to the public. Even though everyone in the universe has stopped by to provide input, the local ontheborderline.net bloggers have been suspiciously absence.
Word has it that the OTBL’ers are starting there own political party. Rumor has in that it will be a cross between the John Birch Society and a scene from the movie Deliverance. The fledgling party is still working on slogans that capture their message. Below are the slogans under consideration:

1. If silence were gold, we’d live a life of poverty.
2. The good news is the shit is only up to our ankles. The bad news is we are in it head first.
3. You didn't get the round mouth from eating peanuts all day.
4. Did you checkout the 1/2 price sale at the Left Of Center?

The entire committee includes Luke, O. Iamapuss, Citizen Joe Blow, Spiritinyourrectum, Mr. Jiffy and e-baloney. A formal announcement will be shot up the Stovepipe at the Holy Sacred Oracle, once the OTBL’ers get the shit eating grin off their face. Stay tuned for details.

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