Which School Are You Hailing From?

Recently reported on OTBL: "Our View respectfully disagrees with Dean over at uncommoninsight who now takes issue with our rejection of the term and theory of externality. I guess we could simply sum things up and state that Dean is coming from the Chicago School and Our View is hailing from Austria, but that would leave more questions in the minds of readers."


Grover Cleavage said...

Judging from this here picture I'd have to say I'd be applying to the far right, lower corner of the Grover Cleavage School of Austrian Beer Drinking!
I only hope I can make the grade.

Watchdog Watcher said...

It may surprise the borderline economic
"Chicago Crew" who and who isn't aware of the "Chicago School" of economics.
Someone I spoke to recently was touring colleges with their kid. One of the schools they toured was the Univ. of Chicago. This father, being well versed in economics questioned the Economics senior guiding the tour about the "Chicago School". The senior, majoring in economics at the University of Chicago, had no idea what he was talking about!!!
Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.