Diversity Today: Are You "In The Know?"...hmmm

Seldom do I take time out to discuss the links over on the right side of this blog. Scroll down the right side and you will see a diverse variety of links that will take you to most points on the political and opinion spectrum. We don't try to stifle opinions on this blog, like other local blogs.

For instance, take the ontheborderline.net blog oozing out of Hudson. On that particular blog, you must sing their songs in the key they choose our you are kicked out of the choir and chastizied. It's much like a religious cult. Jonestown comes to mind.

You know how those cults work. There are a couple of head indocrinators with common names like Bill and Curt who ride intellectual herd of the gullible masses. They post guards on the perimeter to keep their disciples in their intellectual detention center. In these cults, brainwashing is a big part of the deal. At OTBL, it's more like hosing out the brain bucket.

Here you're free to roam about and discuss your opinions. You will never find us taking cheap shots at anyone participating on this blog. A little satire and lampooning yes, but never cheapshots.

I add links to the right side, as I run across them. Some of those links I visit frequently and some hardly at all. Some I hardily agree with and some I find repulsive. I don't believe in stifling opinion and I do believe it is important for people to explore a variety of thoughts and opinions.

Below are a couple of samples of links. Group #1 is related to blogs, political parties, etc. Notice the diversity available. You can checkout the USA Communist Party and the John Birch Society. Both links offer interesting perspectives on the issues. Of course, intelligent thinkers like us know that broadening our mental horizons and perspectives requires stretching the mental muscles in all directions. It's the ying and yang of the thang.

Group #2 is a list of links to a variety of political periodicals. Leftist periodicals like the Nation and the New Republic are there as are rightist periodicals like the Weekly Standard and the National Review.

I hope you take the time to explore these links and learn from the different perspectives available on the Internet. It is amazing what's out there. Whether you are a member of the local Republican or Democratic parties or an independent or an Internet fruitcake salesman, you should find some of these links very useful.

Also, one additional link that I've been working on is called JPN Infolinks. You will find that blog site a useful source for political and government research and information.

“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”

-- George Orwell


OTBL Bullshit Filter said...

If it wasn't for this blog, I'd never have guessed that contributors here share the same ideology as the John Birch Society, St. Croix Republicans, and The Communist Party of USA.
That's quite an accomplishment. How do you guys do that?

Alice B. said...

We require a drug test to join.

Rosie said...

Say isn't the Grover Cleveland getting thumped by Catie Stanton? You go girl!!!!