Proof OTBL members are Commie Sympathizers

Now they have a link to the American Communist Party on their blog.
Who needs more proof than this that those at ontheborderline.net are Communist sympathizers.


Regit said...

Interesting how open minded they are over at www.ontheborderline.net. Gee, I was a my local library last week looking through the book on economics. There were books by Milton Freidman and Karl Marx sitting side-by-side. The same day, I saw on of the officers of the local Republican Party in the same library...hmmmm.

It's comments like this at the OTBL blogger that show they don't have any stripes to show. A stripe requires at least two colors on their agenda. They only have one color.

Food for thought pyramid said...

Don't forget their internet compass is stuck on 3 or 4 sites to gather
their minimum daily requirement of Libertarian gruel.
Without Steve Millow, Von Mises, and LewRockwell they'd be like lost sheep following each other in circles. But isn't that what they do anyway?
I think OTBL bloggers are afraid you open their minds the slightest bit for fear that their brains might fall out.