Middle Ground

"Go along to get along. Find the common ground. The world is not black and white, it is gray. Compromise. Be moderate. We have heard all these phrases before. Well I think a moderate is nothing more than someone who does not understand or is too afraid to stand up for what they believe in. So how do we find middle ground? We can’t."


"Beware those who compromise—for any reason! There is no middle ground in either social or fiscal responsibility."

Choosing Life


Anonymous said...

Well there you go again, denying historical fact to serve your hollow premise that the compromising the principles of free markets and liberty is a virtue.

The truth is that the cold war ended when Reagan no longer compromised as hid predecessor's had done; no he stood up to the Soviets in a game of "our way or no way".

Of course your not interested in the truth, only your socialistic idiocy.

666 said...

What's virtuous in this world is learning to understand that we all have differences and we must learned live together inspite of those differences.

Reagan happened to be in the right place at the right time and applied a certain amount of pressure and the house came tumbling down.

When you say "predecessor's," don't you mean "predecessors'?" The wheels finally came off after decades of applied pressure and negotiations between the two sides. Maybe it was more Gorbachov and less Reagan.

Common Sense said...


I sincerely hope that you continue on your Quixotic quest in the realm of education as well because your uncompromising lunacy is what's made most everyone turn a deaf ear to your
Like 666 said, Reagan merely pushed an already leaning tower past the tipping point by out spending his adversary with
our children's credit card. Remember, Reagan was the first president to build a deficit larger than all his predecessors combined.

Roadkill said...

Common Sense,

Yes, Reagan permitted the deficit to grow to an unprecedented size, but consider:

What did we get for our money? The collapse of a hostile regime responsible for tens of millions of deaths and untold misery and want, that's what. You yourself characterize the USSR as a "leaning tower;" Reagan recognized it the same way but also realized that a wounded animal is more dangerous than a healthy one.

Hindsight is easy - always 20/20. Reagan had vision.

Another visionary who ran up an unprecedented budget deficit was FDR, only his foes were Militaristic Japan and Nazi Germany, both expansionist totalitarian states like the USSR. No one criticizes his deficits.

The fact is we got our money's worth out of Reagan's deficits, and through ecomonomic growth and expansion those deficits were gone within 10 years of his departure from the White House.

As to the original point regarding compromise, I think its valid; Reagan did cut a few deals with old Gorby -- when he absolutely had to. Fortunately, he never lost track of his objectives, and the world is the better for it.