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Feeling just a bit out of sorts since the last election. Do you need a venting activity to unleash that pent up anger and frustration over your woeful performance. Well your Opportunistic Capitalist "Friends" at Ontheborderline.nut have an answer. The "OTBL Casting Stone" (TM) it's the perfect gift for the curmudgeon in every home. Here's how it works. You scour the local newspapers, call you favorite gossiping neighbors, or even search the internet to ferret out local EVIL DOERS.
That's the easy part. Just cast your net in the direction of the governments schools and Bingo.... you'll find them. If you're armed properly with a quiver full of "OTBL Casting Stone" (TM), you just heave ho and beam them in the head. It's not as easy as it sounds as the little tarts will be running from you as you huff and puff to catch up with them. But your persistence will pay off and you will find them again. That's why you can never have a sufficient supply of "OTBL Casting Stones" (TM).

The OTBL casting Stone (TM) fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and works equally well for right or left handed casters. It comes engraved with the OTBL logo so you'll never misplace it amongst your other stones and you'll always remember this special gift's purpose.
The OTBL casting Stone (TM) comes with an attractive carrying sack that attaches smartly to your belt or 3 cornered hat. Single orders are available but customers tell us that our motto holds true. "We bet you can't throw just one". So stock up today.
At $6.66 a doz. they'll be selling like hot cakes.
Place your order online at ontheborderline.nut or visit or distributing partner
at Nort Sure Nuts.com ..... You'll be glad you did.


Marketing Department said...

For the weak-armed female OTBL caster, the better product is the mini-OTBL Casting Stone (TM) used to ding sinners in the head with a well-placed message about choosing life.

We call this new product the Pop Tart (TM).

Mikhail Ivanovich said...

I don't think the OTBL casting stones are are heavy as you might imagine. Like the thought process behind their deep intellectigent one-sided diatribes and manifestos, the weight is mostly illusory.
In layman's terms, even lightweights can cast them.

No if you talking about their casting couch...that could get heavy.