Blogger Bash Creates Many Wealth Building Opportunities

It's been hard to infiltrate this crowd without the aluminum foil
beenie and concealed weapon bulge. I had to wait till the Bud Light Beer
tent started to collectively staggering before I could get close enough to
file this report. Of all the concessions here, the one doing the lion's share
of wealth building is the Tijuana Tommy's Tatoo Parlor............

Gotta run, a couple of the OTBL Dr.s of Liberty
just discovered that I'm not packin' heat.

This is HSOcub reporting live from the Badger Blogger Blog Fest


Mr. Ed said...

Hey, I'm confused? That's a spotted cow not a spotted horse! What gives?

Gusa O'Keefe said...

I always wondered what happened to my high school art teacher, after he retired with his Cadillac benefits.

casual observer said...

That tatoo artist with the tequilla bottle, he did the horse/cow too.
Does that answer your question.

mr. ed said...

Ohhhh! Willllbbbberr! Thanks for the infooooooooooooooo.