Badger Blogger Crowned New American Idle

Badger Blogger Sam Sedentary has been crowned the new American Idle this weekend at the Badger Blog Fest. The judges were unanomous ( and anonymous ) in their decision to bestow the coveted title upon Sam after his earthshaking performance of "The Butt Crack Blues".
There were other memorable performances as well, like second place
Idle finisher Bud Lite's rendition of the "The Men of the Ludwig Brigade", but none came close to the lack of energy exuded by Sam.

In previous years a number of talented performers were eliminated for failing to meet basic wingnut blogger critera.
1. They must imagine themselves to be "Wealth Creators"
2. They must have wives who are the "Bread Winners".
This year no contestants failed to meet the basic qualifications. Bloggers holding jobs were simply not given
entry forms.
Bud vowed to come back next year with an even more Idle performance in hopes of taking the title from Sam.
In the mean time Bud will return to his blogging post for another year and continue his training and practice
regimen of swilling cheap beer and anonymously attacking educators at OTBL.

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Woodstock said...

Boy, you can really tell that's a huge crowd there. Sam must have had a hard time finding a place to park. I suppose he had to park in Sheboygan and hitch-hike down.