"I like to swear, I used to be a sailor"

Comrade Chris,
You are one funny horse's ass capitalist, no? I'm sorry we couldn't "hook-up"
on your last trip to the motherland. Da, Northworst is one bad airline. Maybe it has something to do with cutting their emplyee's wages in half, No?
I see you like "Rage Against the Machine", Da, a fave band of me too.
You say "......... I only have two speeds happy and rage". I know the feeling. When I feel rage, I usually crank up the bands hit " Pissed off at the Coffee Maker" . Then I feel better.
I'm really jealous of that weapon collection of yours. I'm surprised the "little woman" gave you the permission to use your allowance money to buy them. I remember when I'd ask Bopcha for rubles to buy toys like that. She'd always said "Mikhail, you're are bad Socialist, those toys will turn you into Yankee Imperialist." After reading your blog. I can see now that she was right. Have fun
at the Blog Fest. Watch out for the tornados. Buy the other Chris a shot of Wodaka from me and tell him Mikhail says nosdrovia!!!!!

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