Blog Fest Subsidized with Your Tax Dollars

BAGER BLOGGER FEST Held in Socialist "Government" Park

You have to admit it's pretty ironic that as much as these Badger Bloggers complain about Socialism and Government and Taxes that this bunch would choose a Public park, paid for with PUBLIC FUNDS to hold their little get together. When I visited the NAGA-WAUKEE PARK Website, I discovered what looked like a really great community asset. It looked like a great for families and or bloggers to get together to have a few brats and beer and a good, safe, fun time. Contrary to all the teasing we've done about the event on this blog, it sounds like that what our Blogger Buddies had today, a good safe fun time to share a beer, brats and conversation. You see boys that's what we want too, and we want it to be accessable to everyone, (even you guys). It's called the Public Good, and that's what irritates us so much about the philosophy that you espouse especially over ontheborderline. net. From everything you guys write and say, it's obvious that you don't believe in the Public or Common Good, you only believe in me, myself and I.
If I had the same philosphical beliefs that you guys do, I should be really upset that Taxpayer dollars helped subsidize your political gathering so you can all go back to your computers and bash, Schools, Government, Teachers, and Public Parks. But I don't share that philosophy and I'm not upset that taxpayers funds helped you guys have a nice park to have your barbecue. I'm glad there's was a PUBLIC park that you, or anyone else could go to and have a good time in a really nice setting. Just remember that if and when you achieve your stated goals of dismantling government and drowing it in the bathtub, places like NAGA-Waukee Park
will no longer be available for the public (or as you like to refer to them "Socialist/Collectivists Scum" ).


Speak For Yourself said...

Sorry Luke, but I have to disagree.

I find it discouraging that the City of Hudson is considering using my city and state tax dollars to build a Taj Mahal shelter (with flush toilets!) at the end of the dike. This is the type of blatant socialism that Rep. Lasee's TABOR would have stopped.

We need a citywide referendum for this project. After a vigorous "VOTE NO" campaign, I'm sure the referendum will go down in flames!

We don't need to subsidize a moonbat meeting place, where flower-power VW buses of lefties come to plot the end of freedom and liberty. (And poop in flush toilets!)

No - leave the dike pristine and unspoiled by tax-and-spenders. Let the private sector build a profitable mall at the end of the dike instead.


Lifeguard said...

You're a funny guy Speak.

Of course you're probably right about the flush toilets. We should let the drunks on Beer Can Island continue to urinate and deficate right into the St. Croix. No Tax Dollars wasted there with costly waste treatment.

It's too bad the blog bash folk decided to avail themselves of that "Socialist" Park. They could have had a grand time in some service station restroom instead.
While you're at cutting public services, let's drop that tax wasting 911 service. Next time you and Lassee go for a swim in the river and get into trouble, we wouldn't want anyone making the mistake of trying to save you.

privitize everthing said...

Speak for yourself is right!.
We don't need a pleasant environment for family and friends to gather near the river. We need another strip mall where wealth builders can market the "Holiday Nut Packs" and Borderline blogger fruitcakes.