Count Down To Badger Blog Alliance Bash: Only 4 Days!!!

You can show up with an empty head or an empty heart, but don't show up empty handed.

We bloggers got to eat! Everybody knows that BBA'ers are full of it! Here in Waukesha, we suggest you show up at the BBA Bash with you own unique branded wienies. The crowd will be huge and you don't want to be just any wiener in the crowd.

May we suggest that when you get to Waukesha that you stop by the Spotted Horse Deli and check out their fine selection of blog-loney. Made from the largest hind quarters of the most obvious of Wisconsin's spotted horses, these wieners have an unfathomable mix of arrogance, ignorance, intimidation and a hint of overblown ego mania. To see just how popular these links are, check out the graph below. That black curve shows you how demand for them has skyrocketed since the Spotted Horse 2 blog started as away to process the huge amount of waste generated in the production of the sausages. The goal now is to double our customer base and get two people to buy our products.

Call you order in and we will custom brand your wiener with your anonymous blog name. By the time you get to Waukesha, your order with be ready at the historic Spotted Horse Deli. And don't forget, the Spotted Horse 2 Deli will soon be opening in Roswell, New Mexico right on Route 666.

As a special offer for this year BBA Bash, we will throw in the deluxe yard dart see in the picture to the left. As with an implement of destruction, please be careful when you play with these darts. They aren't for just any idiot. Never throw them straight up in the air -- no matter how many Old Milwaukee's you drank before noon.

Remember, as always, all our meat products are $6.66 a pound.

We regret that this meat is government inspected. That can be a problem down here in Waukesha -- the right wing-nut capitol of Wisconsin. It's city where, if you say the name "Ludwig von Mises" you are called a RINO because the true party extremists would just say "Ludwig."

So dig in wing-nuts! As Lawrence the cable installation technician says, "Let us get her completed male children!"

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