Who Makes Kitty Rhoades Purr?

With her assembly seat in grave danger of being taken from her this Fall by the young Democratic upstart Dan Gorman, Kitty Rhoades is pulling out all the stops on her cash collection machine. She is busy stroking the big-cash fat cats.

See who heads up Kitty's list of top individual contributors:

Williamson, David Hudson, WI $1,000
Derrick, Ron New Richmond $500
Schulte, Wayne Ellsworth, WI $500
Kutz, Lawrence Hurley, WI $450
Gagnon, Ronald Huddson, WI $300
Osbeck, Carolyn Hudson, WI $300
Williams, Jeffrey Mequon, WI $275
Cloutier, Kenneth Harshaw, WI $250
Drevnick, Michele Hudson, WI $250
Edge, Daniel E Belleville, WI $250
Rennes, Debra Peshtigo, WI $250
Rennes, Tim Peshtigo, WI $250
Richie, Michael Faribault, MN $250

Of course there are special interest groups and PAC that contribute to Kitty. Here's a list of contributors grouped by category:

Prosecutors Civil servant/public employee
Association State $500

Health Services/Institutions
Bev Pac-WI $500
GlaxoSmithKline $500
Managed Health Services/Center PAC $500
WI Health Care Association $500
WI Dental PAC (WIDPAC) $500

Building a Better WI/Wisconsin Builders Association Construction $500

CAR PAC/Council of Auto & Truck Retailers $500

Natural Resources
KochPAC $500

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance $500

School Administrators Alliance $500

Banking & Finance
Wells Fargo Bank $500

Cooperative Outreach for Objective Politics $250

Apparently, Kitty has so much cash in her purse she can contribute to the other candidates. For your followers of the friendship between Republicans Mark Green and Tom Delay, you will remember this goes on a great deal between Republicans.

Kitty's PAC Rhoades for Assembly Political/Ideological has contributed $1,453 so far this election season. Here's who Kitty is giving to:
Davis, Brett H $500
Murtha, John $603
Underheim, Gregg $100
Wanggaard, Van H $250

Even though Kitty is on the Assembly Fiance Committee and the Joint Senate/Assembly Finance Committee, we are not suggesting there are any strings attached to any of this money coming to Kitty.

Investigate where the money comes from @ Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

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CANRAC said...

What makes Kitty purr is getting her name in the paper along with the money. Interesting comment to her article on the HSO website, I didn't realize this elected stuff was eligible for a state pension.