The Democratic Party is Toast By Grover Norquist

The modern Democratic Party cannot survive the reelection of President George W. Bush and another four years of Republican control of both Congress and the White House.
No brag. Just fact.

The modern Democratic Party is the party of government. Its growth is the health of the state--and vice versa. Over time, all the party's building blocks are dependent on continuous support and reinforcement by the power of the central government. Trial lawyer money is now a major part of the Democratic Party, but it is wholly dependent on legislators and courts maintaining the present tort laws that allow lawyers to interject themselves into any and all contracts and relationships.

They siphon off some $240 billion a year--$40 billion of which stays with a few thousand lawyers. Labor unions, once the godfather of the Democratic Party but now displaced by the richer and more photogenic trial lawyers, cannot maintain their $8 billion in compulsory union dues without the laws that make such payments mandatory. Both wings of the dependency movement--those locked into welfare dependency and the bureaucrats who get paid well to manage others' dependency (and make sure none of them get jobs and become Republicans) are wholly dependent on legislators halting further welfare reform. Big city political machines thrive on federal grants and state-granted powers. And the coercive utopians--the radical environmentalists, animal-rights activists, feminists, and others who would use state power to force on us tiny non-flushable toilets and cars too small to hold families, take away the circus and our pet cats, and otherwise impose more fussbudget impositions on our lives than Leviticus--all depend on government grants to use and misuse federal and state power.

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Fat Jon said...

Grover Norquist is garbage wrapped in skin.

No, really. It's not just an insult. I have it on good authority that if you peel Grover, you'll find eggshells, coffee grounds, used Tampax, etc. Just thought you'd like to know.

drowning in the bathtub said...

You're right fat jon....
After Karl Rove, he's public enemy
number 2. I think you'd find the number 2 under that skin too.

Rose Colored Glasses said...

In this 2004 article Grover predicts: "Abroad, four more years under President Bush will move America and the world towards greater free trade, spreading prosperity throughout the world and bringing more countries into the trading systems that require property rights and rule of law, draining the swamps that breed radicalism and terror."

Thanks for your input Nostradamus.

666 said...


The operative phrase is "spreading properity throughout the world." I believe that equates to raising the standard of living in Third World contries by outsourcing American manufacturing and IT jobs overseas. This will transfer the income and security of the American workforce to lowering paying and less regulated countries around the world. The money saved in the cost of production will translate into higher profits for stockholders and this will be a good thing for a increasingly smaller group of Americans. As Rush Limbaugh likes to say, "the job of corporations isn't to provide people with jobs, it's to make money for the stockholders."