Shhhh!! Don't Tell Anyone He's a Republican

You'd think that a candidate for WI State Assembly would be proud
to announce his party affiliation. But not REPUBLICAN John Murtha.
Check out his website. http://www.murthaforassembly.com/index.html
Bonus points if you find the word REPUBLICAN anywhere on that site.


Cato said...

So what if he doesn't annouce his "party affiliation"? Why must politics be about parties?

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AndyRand said...

Then he should have run as an independent on the ballot. Not a Republican. The point I think is he's afraid of being associated with the Republican Party and rightfully so.

AndyRand said...


I think you're loosing your long term memory. Word verification has always been on.

Shaun Limbaugh said...

Word on the street is that Murtha has pretty much been a Democrat all his life. Apparently the Republicans first approached his brother to run and he turned them down. Then they talked John into it. He probablly didn't put "Republican" on his signs because he didn't know what one was.
Now he is busy trying to remember the Republican Kool-Aid talking points. If you've seen him at any of the forums or heard him on Wisconsin Public Radio, it's very obviously that he's barely got the talking points down and he definately has "no specifics" concerning any of the talking points. In fact, he doesn't even seem to agree with the campaign literature being mailed out with his name on it.

Maybe his new party of choice should change their name to Repuppetlicans?

disappearing middle class said...

If he's elected as a Republican I'm sure his adopted party will expect favors. I say vote Democrat enough is enough!!!!

David Copperfield said...

Hey, the Republicans are disappearing before our eyes! Enough is enough is enough. And a horse is a horse of course of course, unless the ass says "stay the course"!