Republican Ads-- So Desperate and Sleazy, They're Helping the Democrats

by Rob Kall

Republicans have overdosed on their own koolaid. Across the USA, the RNC is running ads that are filled with desperate, despicable lies, race baiting and false accusations. But they are so out of touch and so transparently bogus, I think they're actually hurting the Republican candidates.

DESPERATE!! Pulling out their hair, screaming, stripped to their underwear, running around like a chicken without a head wild, crazy desperate. That's how these spineless, gutless, characterless, no integrity sleazoids are handling the collapse of the facade of values, protection, conservatism and fiscal responsibility they've constructed.

The numbers of Americans who are stupid enough or totally blinded by the right wing propaganda koolaid keep dropping.

It's almost funny to watch these low-life, no class ads-- some deep voiced old man comes on in the background, along with ominous music, and then the no-solution, unable to change Republican leaders churn out the same out lame, extremely tired talking points on Democrats and taxes, Democrats and cut and run, Democrats weak on terror.

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