Vote Early...and now you know the rest of the story.


Kalvyn Clean said...

Buying votes worked well for Joe Kennedy in 1960, and got his son into the presidency. Dick Nixon was too much of a gentleman to take the country through a lawsuit challanging the election.

Boss Plaid said...


I miss those days when politicians where gentlemen and they were not a crook.

AndyRand said...

I miss the days when President's wives
stood by there "gentlemen's" side wearing good "Republican Cloth Coats" and had dogs named "Checkers".
Then followed it up by resigning in disgrace shortly after their VP (Agnew)did the same.
Oh Yes, Those were the days.

Kalvyn, take a walk down memory lane
with me to the gentle strains of the
"The Watergate Tapes" starring Tricky Dick (explitive deleted) Nixon.

The Archivist said...

Let's stroll down memory lane with
Tricky Dick.

The Checkers Speech.

Even in 1952 this "gentleman"
was suspected of being a crook.


the archivist said...

What Kalvyn? No Nixon defense fund?

Kalvyn Clean said...

Actually, the article and my post was referring to JFK (John F. Kennedy, not John "F" Kerry) buying his way into the presidency.

AndyRand said...

What the are you talking about?
There's no mention of Kerry here but yours??????????

You're claiming Nixon was such a gentleman. He was a crook. There's enough evidence in the Watergate tapes to last a lifetime.
Where's you'r defense. John Kerry?

Kalvyn Clean said...

Read my post again, Andy. I said I was referring to John F. Kennedy, whose election for the presidency was bought by his father, Joseph.

To tell the truth, I didn't care for Nixon during his presidency. He was a good leader when things went his way, but he had a bad temper when things went wrong. After his presidency, he did an excellent job of maintaining relations with China.

Keep in mind that Nixon had no involvement in the Watergate break-in. When he heard about it, he had one of those "deer in the headlights" moments, and made a poor decision to keep quiet about it. That one wrong decision cost him his presidency.

AndyRand said...

Then why bring Kerry into this?
Nobody else mentioned Kerry but you.

And why hold up "gentleman" Nixon as the paragon of decency and civility?

Did Joe Kennedy buy the votes of dead people in Chicago? OK yes.
Dead people always vote in Chicago.