Dr. Rush Limbaugh V. Michael J. Fox

(Original cartoon courtesy of Fat Jon. See more of his insightful work at Oggtoons.)

Click here: Michael J. Fox commercial followed by Dr. Rush Limbaugh's diagnosis.

Click here for Michael J. Fox's response to Dr. Rush.

An official of the National Parkinson Foundation said movements like those exhibited by Fox are the result of taking medication to treat the disease, which would otherwise result in rigidity.

“When you see someone with those movements, it’s not because they have not taken medication but because they probably have taken medication for some time,” the official said. “If you don’t take the medication, then you freeze.”

1 comment:

Not a ditto said...

I would make the assumption that Limbaugh's dittoheads are appalled by their spokesdick's new low point. But I would be wrong in that.

The dittoheads need Limbaugh to make these outlandish assertions so they can, as usual, refuse to look at reality. They worship him and his garbage.

There will always be dittoheads, and, so, we will always need to fight against them - and their vile leader Limbaugh.