Ye Haw! Gavel Rides The OTBL Skunk...Again!

I drew this toon for my buds at Above The Borderline. Why a mutant Karl Marx/Teddy Roosevelt hybrid riding a skunk? I have no freakin' idea -- I came in late. But that's what they desired and I aim to please. Do YOU need toon-type illustration for your project? Contact me, we'll work somethin' out. Conservatives, too -- barring white-supremacy or Tim McVeigh-type stuff, of course. I'm an equal-opportunity ink-stained wretch, as mercenary as the next socialist pinko. Honest.

(ATBL Admin note: We apologize for the shameless pandering to free market capitalism expressed in Fat Jon's note above. Obviously, he does his whoring on both sides of the political street -- the difference being our side is a labor of love and the other side is a cheap trick.)

To see more of what happened to kids with ADD before the introduction Ritalin, check out the cartoonist's web site @ PO'd Toons.


Fat Jon said...

You were way too kind to include my crass commercial swill with the toon, since I also sent it to ya without it. I love you, commie scum.

The Orkin Man said...

I see that Gavel is riding the skunk over to MN. Maybe that's just a detour
on the way to Mississippi?

Cato said...
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Cato said...


Just posting this since fat jon's cartoon reminded me of the other, linked above, from 1911 which has J.P. Morgan, George W. Perkins, John D. Rockefeller, John D. Ryan, Teddy Roosevelt, and of course Karl Marx with his socialism being accepted by Wall Street.

AndyRand said...


The cartoon you dug out of the archieves reminds me just how unaware we are today of the spirit of the times in bygone errors. Does this cartoon depict the general mood of the public or a specific faction of the population? How does it tie in with social/political movements that were occurring at the time? Isn't a little like trying to decifer the intentions of people back in 1776, only less difficult?

Anonymous said...

Question; is a "cheap trick" like the OTBL forensic experts?? They will say whatever you pay them to say, are able to determine illnesses, and fortell the future.