Guess Who's Been Under Karl Rove's Desk?

If you've missed the Scopes' monkey trail, check out these commercials by Paul R. Nelson.

You might want to keep the air sick bag handy.

Radio ads by UpChuck.


We Need to know said...

According to Mr. Nelson's campaign website biography, he was discharged from the Marines in 1988, and he became a realtor in 1994. This leaves six years of his life unaccounted for.

Mr. Nelson needs to disclose the full extent of his questionable activities during these "lost years."

Was he conducting abortions without a medical license?

Was he secretly married to a man?

Was he running illegal aliens into the U.S. from Mexico?

Was he supplying Islamofacist terrorists with top secret information?

Was he an athiest leader?

Was he a member of the anti-hockey league?

The public needs to know the entire background of those who seek political office.

Come clean, Mr. Nelson!!

I-Team said...

Good point WNTK.

Hopefully, the editors of this fine blog will uncover and publish the facts about "The Lost Years Of Paul R. Nelson" complete with photos.

Anonymous said...

MMMMMM........Does that imply that the crack team from OTBL may have missed something??? or..... perhaps deliberately covered something up?????????
I am so disippointed in their shabby journalism!