OTBL Launches New Venture

Afghan Dating Service Fills Niche

Get ready for yet another OTBL business success story. The internet venture capital division of Ontheborderline.nut announced today the launch of their latest enterprise Love for Life, an online dating service designed with the senior Afghani in mind. OTBL investment executives has scoured the globe for unique business opportunities and are certain that this one will be a gold mine.
Inspired by the personal love life of renowned OTBL blogger Luke, Love for Life promises to fullfill the secret fantasies of every aging Afghani.

An initial public offering of stock is expected within months, however the ontheborderline.nut venture capital division is seeking investors now for this exciting new opportunity. Get in the ground floor, contact N.Onimous @ ontheborderline.nut and tell him Mikhail sent you.

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Money Marketeer said...

I've been looking for a good investment for my grand kid's education. This looks like just the get rich scheme I need to send him to Harvard. Where do I sign up?