Thoughts On "White Supremacy"


Cato said...

Charles Rangel is a fool.

Anonymous said...

Then he should be well qualified to make such statements about Bush. A little bit of the it-takes-one-to-know-one syndrome.

AndyRand said...


So what is Bush a Rocket Scientist?
He can't utter 2 sentances with out long pauses and a dozen uhh's.
And he's the leader of the free world?

Fat Jon said...

Cato --

What part of Charlie's bon mot yanked your chain? The white-supremacy myth part? Or the Boy George Bush part?

Cato said...
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Cato said...

George Bush is intelligent he just cannot speak English correctly. The beauty of his politics is that he makes you think he's a bumbling idiot. He is not high and mighty and above the common man, he is the common man. He works it quite well. It is his image and if you can't see through that you must be a rube.

Luke McCain said...

Ye Haw, right on dere Cato!

Ol' Gus W talks his adapted native lingo of Texas. He might slur his words but he can hook them horns.

I GW could relax and talk Texan to ya all, you'd understand that he ain't bumblin' igit. He's a intelligent humine bean. In addition to "The Pet Goat" book, he has red at least three other. He said so when he went on his vacation.

You giggin' socialist patsies over here are just lampooning the chartacture of this man. Just like you did to Jerry Ford about stumbling and Nixon about telling the truth. Bush is at least as smart as Ronald Reagan -- the best president we've ever had -- and Bush ain't even got alshinders disease.

Get a like you pinko fruit lovers.

AndyRand said...

I usually don't find myself on CATO's side of anything, but he makes a good point. Nobody could possibly become president of the United States and really be as dumb as Bush acts, even if English is his second language.
Here's a factoid that most won't believe. Bush actually got better grades at Yale than Kerry. Strange but true....look it up.
All that said, I'll continue to act as though he really is an idiot.

Cato said...

Bush got better grades while he was high on cocaine at the time. I doubt Kerry was.

Bush is not dumb. He finds it better to be misunderestimated than for his foes to think he is smarter than he is.

andyrand said...


I think you're right. As Bush would say:
"I'm a consolidinator, not a dividitator"