My Wal-Mart Encounter With The OTBL Admin

I was over at Wal-Mart today buying the new Dixie Chicks CD and I ran into the Admin for www.ontheborderline.net. He too was shopping in the CD section. I think he was looking for Pink's latest CD. I mentioned that I noticed that he had redone his blog and was displaying all kinds of advertisements. He said that's all part of their corporate strategy to become millionaires and financial the 2008 presidential campaign of Steve Milloy and Ludwig von Mises. When I mentioned that von Mises had been dead for years, he said they knew that, but still they he would do a better job than W. On that note, I mentioned I saw the picture with all the OTBL blog heavy weights sitting in the front row of Bush's Hudson appearance in 2004. He said that was in the days before they discovered duct tape.

Concerning what type of advertisement he would allow on his blog, the Admin said only products that represent our values. After that there was a long pause in the conversation, as he fumbled with a Justin Timberlake CD. To break the silence, I asked Admin why he always wore sunglasses in public. I suggested that by removing his sunglasses it would give the world a chance to see his soul. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul. At that point, he turned to leave and said there's nothing to see.

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Media Revenuer said...

With their Billions and Billions of
blog "hits", OTBL can buy their own GOP Sleeze Ad for Paul R. Nelson.