W.W.A.R.D.- What Would Ayn Rand Do?

Just when you thought the country was safe for things like volunteering and apple pie, someone comes and throws you a curve ball. This is old news but.... The Ayn Rand Institute
The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism
has come out strongly with it's moral opposition to volunteerism. I don't think I could make up stuff crazier than this.

Read about their Anti-Volunteerism Program

"Since the Presidents' summit on volunteerism in April 1997, the Ayn Rand Institute has been the sole voice of moral opposition to volunteerism. Volunteerism is designed to turn Americans into guilt-ridden indentured servants -- a program morality more appropriate to a dictatorship than to a nation founded on independence and freedom."

Volunteering Is Immoral!!!!!

"The Clinton-Bush Summit is immoral. The Founding Fathers wrote a declaration of independence, not a declaration of servitude," says Dr. Michael Berliner, ARI's executive director. "The proposals for national service are an inversion of the principles on which this country was established: an individual's right to his own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness."


Cato said...

Volunteers who are paid or volunteers who are not doing so on their own free will are not really volunteers, even if they are called that.

From the previous paragraph that you neglected to post:

The Anti-Servitude Program has been organized because volunteerism's primary target is the children of this country. President Clinton and General Colin Powell are promoting mandatory service for students as a requirement for advancement and graduation. Students who do not voluntarily act on the moral premise that they must sacrifice their time and lives to others are being drafted into service by more and more schools. These draftees are being taught that their lives and futures are not their own but the states'.

It is against compulsory "volunteerism."

AndyRand said...

Yeah, sooooo What!!!!
Not everyone lives in your world of little islands onto themselves. Being part of something bigger than yourself requires responsibility. Call it "collectivism", I don't care. Life "forces" us to do many things we may not want to at the time, like going to work. Parents "force" children to take medicine. "Volunteering" is just good medicine. Schools of ever kind have requirements. Many require students to report to their gulog for cumpulsory lecturing. Sorry that's life.

Cato said...

It isn't volunteering if it's required.

AndyRand said...

To be honest with you, you are correct that compulsory "volunteerism" is not volunteering. I do understand your point. However, in practical terms, we
all need a kick in the butt once in a while to do what we know we should.
I think it would be a good thing to require our youngsters to do some kind of community service, even if it isn't voluntary.
Of all the ills in the world, I think it's silly for the ARI to speak out against this idea.
I am anticipating your predictable answer about limiting liberty.

BTW, the link to your little flash animation was interesting. However I reject it because I do not accept the premise at the begining.

Cato said...

Well no, it isn't crazy that they would say something about this. Of course compulsory education is an entirely different subject to get into but sending school children off and saying they have to "volunteer" to do "what we should" is focing your vaules (which demand sacrifice of us (sacrifice is never beneficial for you)) upon us.

You said "what we should do." By who's standard? Not mine. You should do whatever you want to do. Be all you can be. Do not ask me to live my life for the sake of others. I do not ask anyone else to live for mine and expect the same. It really isn't that much to ask. Sure, I may volunteer if I want to. But I'm not going to coerce children into sacrificing themselves for the sake of others.

AndyRand said...

Now you've touched on something that really irks me. This objectivist notion of sacrifice. You are asking me to accept your definition that sacrifice is giving up somthing of value for something of less value.
It's non-sense in the commonly accepted understanding of sacrifice.
It only makes sense when YOU are the center of the universe, which is what you believe.
A mother sacrifices her time for the good of her children.
A soldiers sacrifices his life for his country many volunteerly so.
One sacrifices something one values for a greater value to others.

Even young children know that it is
good to do something for others. Yet you with all your knowledge can't figure that out?

Your little cartoon, implies that if we accept objectivism all wars will end and we will live a utopian existence. I can't understand how you can believe that billions of competing egos could produce such a result. That takes much more faith than to believe in the miracles of Jesus.

Cato said...

No, my definition of "sacrifice" has to be correct. You do not sacrifice a dollar for 5 dollars, ever, do you? I suppose you could say that warm and fuzzy feeling you get for doing good for others is all the reward you need. I'd like to keep my dollar instead thank you. It is not your place to say that a dollar is worth less than a warm and fuzzy feeling. Maybe I really am that cold-hearted person you all say I am and I feel nothing. So it really is of NO VALUE to me and therefore such sacrifices are really really hurting me.

I highly doubt you get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you pay your taxes though.

AndyRand said...

"I highly doubt you get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you pay your taxes though."

No, I get the Warm Fuzzy feeling when I see young people from our community go on to do commendable things, which is made possible in part by the taxes I pay.

Cato said...

I don't.

I'm being bled dry like a sacrificial goat and told to like it! I'm then told that my blood will then be used to coerce others that they should like being bled dry as a sacrifical goat as well!

You cannot say that a scarifice is ever giving up an evil to give yourself a good. There may be sacficices for "the greater good" but that of course views each man as means to an end instead of an end unto himself. Stalin HAD to starve to death millions in Ukraine, stealing their food, for "the greater good."

AndyRand said...

I'd hate to be your sibling.