Statistics on Homeless Veterans

23% of homeless population are veterans
33% of male homeless population are veterans
47% Vietnam Era
17% post Vietnam
15% pre Vietnam
67% served three or more years
33% stationed in war zone
25% have used VA Homeless Services
85% completed high school/GED compared to 56% of non-veterans
89% received Honorable Discharge
79% reside in central cities
16% reside in suburban areas
5% reside in rural areas
76% experience alcohol, drug, or mental health problems
46% white males compared to 34% non-veterans
46% age 45 or older compared to 20% non-veterans
Service needs:
45% help finding job
37% finding housing

Check out: National Coalition for Homeless Veterans


KFC said...

I don't see a category for "Chicken Hawks?

Luzarus said...

That's because, while others risked their life and limb, they were busy acquiring the wealth needed to pad their ego enough to fight the battle of protecting personal selfishness preached by Ayn Rand.

KFC said...

D'em Chicken Hawks is smart! Out sourcing war just makes good economic sense. Von Mises would be proud!

Anonymous said...

you guys are fuckin idiots these people fought for you to be free and you down talk them america should be ashamed the militay is a scam

Sunny Badger said...

Anon...we let all kinds on here. Fuckin' idiots and anonymous commentors alike.

Those statistics are something to think about.