What Would Jesus Do?


Anonymous said...

That is why Libertarianism and Christ aren't compatible. Christ promoted humbleness and servitude. Not money, hatred (of the masses), and lack of compassion (for the meek and downtrodden) for anyone other than self, and more money.

jpn said...

I think this picture paints the true contrast between what has been discussed here concern the libertarian philosophy and Christian philosophy. The libertarian would wash his own feet and would transactionally wash you feet is the proper level of profit was included in the transaction. The libetarian believes its an individual's responsibility to wash his or her own feet -- even if they have no arms.

From Christ we learn the power of powerful to knee down wash the feet of one of his disciples. I'm not an expert on what goes on in every church denomonation in this country, but I do know the Seventh Day Adventists occassionally practice foot washing as part of their service. It does humble one.

Anonymous said...

Good perspective.