Anti - Ode to Jack Bauer

There once was a duffuss named Bauer
He thought himself "Man of the Hour"
Accusations he made
School disruption he bade.
In the end, he did nothing but cower.


D Student said...

There was an OTBL blogger named Luke.
The words he posted were puke.
A the community stood aghast.
But his duct-taped held fast.
Now he's considered a kook.

Frost My Ass said...

There once was a blog on the border.
It gave off a skunk-like odor.
Like basement witches casting their smell,
Common sense they couldn't tell.
Their conduct was classifeid as disorder.

Burma Shave said...

There once was a Doctor named Bill
His thinking on schools made folks ill.
He blogged on the border
against brinks and mortar.
If he could he'd still write with a quill.

Ballot Boxer said...

A blog admin nicknamed Mihail
Joined in with a group that would rail.
'gainst government and schools
or whoever made rules
but their candidates always would fail.