Objecivist Summer Camp - Enlightened Self Interest Made Easy

"It was one of the best weeks of my life."

"I can't imagine a more valuable way to spend my summer vacation. Where else can you debate children's rights, witness the process of a theatrical rehearsal, discuss constitutional law, learn to foxtrot and juggle, undergo hypnosis, form long-lasting friendships, and 'get down' on the dance floor with brilliant speakers and authors all in one week? I can hardly wait for next year!"

The Program

From over two dozen brilliant teachers, you'll learn about Ayn Rand and Romanticism — about Francis Bacon and the Enlightenment — about Albert Einstein and relativity. You can attend a course outlining the entire system of Objectivism, explore the workings of cults, or learn about homeschooling. Regardless of your background, you'll find sessions to challenge, inform, and enchant you.

"My favorite course was "Eradicating Social Ballast". Wow!!!"

"And the Von Mises Advanced Studies, Way Cool!!!!"

And who could miss out on: "Government Schools, Delusion for the Masses".

And the special guest appearance by Ayn Rand at the Ann Coulter Séance? Fabulicious!

It's double plus good fun for the self centered overachiver in ever family!

Sign up now for the session starting July 3, 1999.

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Yust Wundering said...

So, What is the objective of Objectivist Camp?

Teen Angel said...

So you learned how to lobby for minors rights to dance in the
objectivist mosh pits at your favorite Rave in a translike
state with your friends from the National Review. Sounds like
a gas!!!!!