Opposing Perspectives on "Global Warming"

Polar Ice Caps will be melted by 2008. We're all going to Hell!

Prepare for the coming Ice Age, crack open an
Ice Cold Blogger Lager!


Cato said...

That's Hudson Bay, isn't it? In any event I never said there was an ice age coming any time soon, even though it would fit the pattern.

AndyRand said...

Again you are literally correct. However the little blue indicator arrow was there to point to a location
"off the map", for the purpose of exaggeration.

I guess you could say the illustration of flames in the Northern artic could be interpreted as the Aurora Bourealis. But to date, I don't think anyone has seen blazing tongues of fire that large from space.
Last I checked, Al Gore didn't claim the ice caps would be gone before the
next presidential election either.
Maybe the author was trying to inject a little humor? You think?
Of well, back to the comedy drawing board.
Hopefully, you were enjoying your blogger lager last night and not early this moring.

AndyRand said...

Before I'm corrected once more.
The flames are depicted in the lower regions of the artic circle, throughout the northern former Soviet Union and Europe not the northern artic as I mistakenly said above.
Maybe they were unconsciously placed there to depict the demise of Socialism?