Hey www.ontheborderline.net! Where Did This Post Go?

We received an e-mail today from one of our alert readers about a Jack Bauer post done on OTBL this afternoon that has since disappear.

The post concerned action taken this afternoon when the NR school board met to discuss coach Adam Swanda's contract that was suddenly moved to executive session at Bill Brennan Jr.'s request last Monday night. The board room was filled with Hockey Associatioin parents, students and other concerned citizens.

Board members Greg Gartner, Chris Skoglund, and Lester Jones asked Mr. Brennan to publicly explain why he chose to move the contract to closed session. Board president Judy Remington cut off the discussion, by saying that "any board member has the right to request the discussion of a personnel matter in a closed meeting."

The vote for the contract was taken- and was 7-0. Gartner and Skoglund continued to ask why the contract was moved to begin with. They asked Mr. Brennan directly why he said "when I got the board packet, I saw something about Mr. Swanda's contract that I had concerns about."

Gartner put him on the spot and asked specifically 'what?" -- the only reference to Swanda in the board packet was his name and the fact that his contract was up for routine renewal. When it appeared there wouldn't be an answer given in open session-Gartner suggested they take a few minutes to meet in closed session, because he "for one wanted to know why this had happened in the first place."

The closed session discussion included Mr. Swanda and lasted until close to 5:15pm (give or take). Jack Bauer posted at 4:42pm that Gartner apparently lost his 'script' for the meeting when he asked for an executive session about Swanda's contract AFTER the vote had been taken.

Our reader said this is interesting because the only individual in the room that could identify as being a Bill Brennan supporter was one of the women mentioned in the investigation of Brennan concerning a meeting he had at a local coffee house. The Jack Bauer post has since been removed. Connection? Significant? We don't know -- but it doesn't do much to dissuade those who believe this small group is responsible for the malicious drivel posted on OTBL by local slander monger Jack Bauer.

As always, we thank our readers for helping following the actions and distractions in our local community. If you see news that might be useful to use, e-mail us at atbl1@yahoo.com.

Below is the copy of the post removed by OTBL:


Anonymous said...

I saw Connie B. at last night's board meeting, but I didn't see Mary or Wanda.

One thing in noticed about this post is that it's different than many Jack Bauer posts. I'm not sure of how this posting business works, but somebody told me you could have different people posting on the same name. I actually heard that from someone ccurrently posts things on the OTBL blog. He said there are a couple of names that you see posts attributed to that are done by different people. If that's the case, there could actually be more people stranded on Gilligan's Island than post on the OTBL blog.

advocatefortruth said...

Interesting how now Bill says he never intended on not seeing the contract for Mr. Swanda turned down. So that would make someone think that it must have not been a major issue, yet this clown was actually worried about turnig the meeting into a three ring circus. Kudos to Board members Jones, Gaertner, and Skoglund for repeatedly asking what everyone in that room wanted to know. Imagine that the OTBL gang not letting the whole truth out on a story. Seems to be their pattern over there. And in regards to the pictures of Gaertner and Skoglund that have appeared numerous times the last few weeks: The next time the OTBL gang gathers around the hot stove, to discuss further how they can wreck our School District maybe someone might want to suggest photography clasees to the person taking these pictures. The quality is horrendous.

jpn said...

I would say the quality of their pictures matches the quality of the actions. "Horrendous" would work for both.

Anonymous said...

Someone should also look into giving Judy Remington gift certificates to see a chiropractor. Her back must be sore after carrying Bill Brennan around the last few board meetings.

I saw Connie B. leave the meeting as it went into closed session yesterday. No wonder they took the post off before too many could read it. She probably got scolded as soon as "Brenington" found out about the timing of the post. With both Bill and Judy in the meeting until well after 5 o'clock, the only person that could have posted it was Connie...and that wouldn't look good after how many times Judy has said she doesn't know who Jack Bauer is...

Anonymous said...

I noticed that OTBL was down all day today... any chance it's gone for good?