Australia: Neocons face Right rebellion

Traditional Republicans are joining the battle for the soul of conservatism
by Andrew Sullivan

ONE moment last week epitomised the current quandary of American neoconservatism.
During the latest bout of conflict in the Middle East, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki issued the following statement: "The Israeli attacks and air strikes are completely destroying Lebanon's infrastructure. I condemn these aggressions and call on the Arab League foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo to take quick action ... We call on the world to take quick stands to stop the Israeli aggression."

So, suddenly, the neoconservatives found themselves in the position of having fought a war to construct a democratic polity in Iraq ... only for that polity to join Iran and Syria in condemning democratic Israel. The circle closed, and the irony was airtight.

The Australian News.


Cato said...

Austrialia? What?.... Andrew Sullivan has his own blog and writes for the New Republic... I believe he may be syndicated...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that he is. I saw the same story under his byline coming out of the UK.

Cato said...

Yeah well my point it it's not from "austrialia." I believe he was British and now American? Or American... or studied in England? Hmm, I forget. All I know is he threw a champange party when Reagan brought missles over to Europe while others cried and beat their chests and wailed for sociast russia to win.

Cato said...

Now here's an article from Austrialia:


Former peace prize winner in Austriala declares she wishes she could murder President Bush "for the children."

Children in audience clap.