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It's Ayn Rand Hot Air V. Global Warming

Bush, who believes in fictional end-of-the-world scenarios found in the pages of the Bible, believes global warming is just hot air and his government has used methods straight from the Soviet manual of scientific censorship to suppress the truth.
Contrary to what Bush (and Conservatives under Prime Minister Stephen Harper) want you to believe, the scientific community agrees unanimously that humans are the singular cause of global warming.
Canada, thankfully, signed the Kyoto Agreement. But Conservative Environment Minister Rona Ambrose, a fan of Ayn Rand who hated environmentalists during her life time, now says Canada won’t meet those targets because they are too high.
The anti-global warming lobby (read: big oil) frames the issue as a debate between the economy and the environment. But that is inaccurate. It threatens the ecosystem that supplies our human economy with the resources we need the most: fertile soil, clean air and water.

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Dear Ayn Randers said...

Why does this woman, Ayn Rand seen to have such a strangle hold on the thinking of conservatives?
I'll hang up an listen for while you reply.

Ayn Randers said...

Dear Reader:

You used the word "thinking" in connection with the followers of Ayn Rand. That is where you have been misled. There are many thinking conservatives. However, the ability to manipulate you thoughts to expand with the changing world goes flacide once you join the cult of Ayn Rand. In fact, a little reading up on Ayn's cult and you will quickly see how those that dared have a thought that didn't come directly from Ayn or goose-step with her ideals, would get you bounced from her cult.


CuriosityKilledTheCat said...

If Harper wants more votes in Quebec, will he follow Quebec's latest lead in providing its citizens with an environmental right?

Let's see if the New Tories under Harper will put their money where their mouth is. On April 19, 2006, Quebec had a new law called the Sustainable Development Act. One of its most significant provisions is the addition of a new right of citizens under the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. This clause 46.1 provides that: "Every person has a right to live in a healthy environment in which biodiversity is preserved, to the extent and according to the standards provided by law." If this new law is not adhered to, the citizens have a right to an injunction (stop doing it!), an action for damages for the purpose of remediation, and even to punitive damages.

So, Quebec is walking its talk of environmental protection, by driving down to its citizens the right in clause 46.1. This pioneering step makes each and every citizen a participant in the policing of the planet and the enforcement of environmental laws.

Quebec has given its citizens the power to protect their environment.

Will Harper follow suit on the federal scene? Or will his new environmental policy – designed to replace Kyoto – be hollow in this area as well?