Armchair Patriots are "Making a Difference?"

The "feel good" patriots are popping their heads out of the foxholes over
at OTBL. It's time for them to revive their fake patriotism with a new publicity
campaign; Wear Red Buttons on your Red school board meeting pants on fridays. I'm feeling more patriotic already just visualizing all that red. Sort of like like the US map lighting up with Red State voting on elections day. What a Rush!!
Somehow I get the feeling that this is the extent of the Patriotism of our OTBL Patriot Parrots. Put on a little red, pick up a button, get a ribbon for the car and put some flags on the website. There, now they feel better because they really helped the troops.

If you are someone who thinks that wearing you little red buttons and waving
the flag may not really be doing anything to really help the troops, why not
consider visiting The VFW Unmet Needs Program Website and do some real good.

For example:

Wounded Soldier is Surprised by “Fabulous” Christmas Present
December 15, 2004
Mount Horeb, WI

Outside of Baghdad on September 12, 2004, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive near the convoy carrying National Guard Lieutenant Chris Justice. He sustained massive injuries to one of his arms and had to be flown to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC for extensive skin grafts.

His wife, Tina, and their two children flew from Wisconsin to the hospital to be by his side. Although a huge boost to Justice’s morale, it was an expense the family could ill afford. The wounded soldier would have had it no other way. “I figured I had the rest of my life to make up this financial burden,” he remarked. “How I was going to do it, I had no idea.”

While searching avenues for financial assistance, he learned of Unmet Needs and applied. He had seen so many of his comrades in the hospital who were much worse off and resigned himself to having his application denied.

Not only was the application accepted, Dave Behrend, the Unmet Needs administrator for Wisconsin, personally delivered a check for $2,500 shortly before the holidays.

“It’s a fabulous Christmas present,” Justice said, elated. “This has helped take some of the financial burden from the debt that my family and I accrued from this deployment. Unmet Needs has helped a lot.”

I wonder how many red buttons you have to wear to match this?
In case you may be wondering, I first heard about "Unmet Needs" on Air America Radio.


CATO Clone said...

If those soldiers are dumb enough to deny their own rational self interest and go to Iraq, all I can say is,
They're not my problem!!!!!

One Tin Soldier said...

Yes, North Hudson's infamous Wee Skirt had this to say: "When I saw the soldiers, probably thirty-forty of them, being applauded and cheered for it hit me. I’m not alone. I’m not the only red blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families."

I guess he thought he was the only one. A legend in his own mind. He didn't even give credit to the other OTBLers to be as red blooded as he. I can see him now, bravely standing all alone in North Hudson providing unlimited "support" for the soldiers with his bumper stickers and pins and red pants. Heck, it's the least he can do - literally.

Conversely, those citizens who feel that the Iraqi War was a misguided campaign, causing the unneccessary death of 2,500 U.S. soldiers and the wounding of 18,000, are called cowards and traitors by chickenhawks like Mr. Skirt. If you don't support the mission and the leaders you don't support the troops they say. Small-minded rhetoric and unbelievable balderdash. More propoganda from the neocons who blew this deal and don't have the balls to admit it.

Yes, Mr. Skirt, stay the course (however aimless the course may be). Stay red blooded - whetever the hell that's supposed to mean. And certainly stick more red pins on your chest. The soldiers will feel your pain and support, as the number of dead and wounded continues to rise. You are truly an American Hero!

General Electric said...

It may be time to face the fact that this war is lost. It's pretty much fact that it was started under false pretenses. It was fought with ineptness, on the part of the politicians. Even if you really wanted to "Stay the Course", the current leadership never had a course to stay.
The violence and the insurgency both are growing. I can't recall a guerilla
was ever being won by the anti-guerillas, that would be us.

Wearing Red Buttons isn't going to win this war!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, quit saying bad things about Red Buttons. he was a darn good comedian. May he rest in peace!

last comic standing said...

Yeah you right him and Red Skel(e)ton were hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Curt always has his say...the only problems are that he really, really never knows what he's talking about, and is always wrong. Then again he will just make something up. Has he ever done anything productive??

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard? He's a wealth producer!!! Just ask him.